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By: Mohamed Al-Zaaterah (

Free open source bluetooth advertising system based on 32feet library

Project Description:

BlueWay is bluetooth advertising system

How the system work:

You can set your file to beam via option panel and the system will start sending it to all mobile devices in the range. BlueWay will not send the same content for the same device twice. It is save devices MAC addresses and if the target device accept the content and it recieved the file successfully it will not send the same content to the device again.

Requirements to run the project:

1. Bluetooth dongle compatible with Microsoft Stack.
2. Microsoft Windows XP SP2 / Microsoft Windows Vista.
3. Visual Studio 2005.

Technology and 3rd party libraries used in this project:

1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 / VB.NET.
2. 32feet library from
3. Bercham.OBEX library from

Screen Shots::



Example how to use Bercham

This example show you how to send a file via bluetooth via libraries and Brecham libraries.


You can download it from releases > examples

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